Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress Code

Really! Armani must be sick to his stomach when he sees his multi-thousand dollar suits on those guys. You know the ones I mean: politicians and hopefuls showing up at rallies and on factory floors in the mandatory dark suit, white shirt and no tie. Do they really think that makes them one of us?

"Look, I took off my tie. I’m just a working man, just like you!"

The first time I saw a politician dressed like that was probably when "W" invited some diplomat to his ranch, and the poor guy felt over-dressed. Then I began to see it in places where people weren’t interrupting their daily toil to listen to a speech, but here was some guy from somewhere looking like he forgot to finish dressing. Is that an insult or what? When I go to meet someone I don’t know, especially a client or a group of readers, I extend to them the courtesy of dressing as though I meant it.

What a put-down. Who wouldn’t like to be able to wear the $2000 suits and $300 dress shirts (not to mention the $150 silk ties), the designer clothes worn only once for some charity affair, have a job where it wasn't necessary to have your clothes washed or dry cleaned after a day’s labor. Just where did you guys get the idea that taking off your tie makes you likable (or maybe lovable)?

If you’re going to "get down and dirty," then do it. Just don’t make it look like an afterthought. You know, there’s nothing wrong with being in a suit and tie job, any more than there is something unwholesome about being in a (dirty) hands-on job. It isn’t the kind of labor that makes a difference; it’s the kind of laborer you are. If you wear a uniform then wear it correctly.

And if you are going to sell yourself, at least be honest about what you are.

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