Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beyond Home

I find myself thinking about the past – about how I relate to it – about others.

I think about growing up during WW II.

I think about being draft-eligible after the Korean war ended.

I think about being in Nam.

I think about a quarter-century of colleagues who started in the "brown shoe" army and ended in "Army Green."

I think about "jungle fats" and desert cammo, about sky blue and Navy blue and colors known and unknown, to whom we owe our thanks and our freedom.

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in this nation at least, don’t start wars, seldom end them. Those who take up braid and brass, especially today, do it for as many reasons as there are men and women who serve, and they all end up doing it for the same reason in the end: to preserve and protect us all from those whose envy is so great that they believe their mission is holy and unstoppable.

To those who stand in their way, who stand today between us and those who would destroy us: we all thank you. Simply that. What more is there to say?

Thank you.

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