Monday, October 12, 2015

Discovery Day

Today is Columbus Day. It’s a day that isn’t much celebrated anymore. Perhaps that is because it borders on political incorrectness, or offends some group or other that lays claim to an earlier contact with our homeland, but still it is a day to remember. Perhaps we should rename it "Discovery Day." It would certainly be appropriate for me, anyway.

Fifty-three years ago, on a beautiful, sunny, October 12th, in front of a federal judge in his chambers in Washington, D.C., we took the step we had both decided we’d never take. We said those two words that brought us to this day. We said, "I do." And we meant it. With all the ups and downs a shared life brings – hopes and realizations, joys (many, many) sorrows (far too many of those) – we have made a life together that we are both happy we chose.

The world has changed in 53 years; changed as much as our universe has. We (the two of us and all who have come this way with us) have participated in history, perhaps in small ways, but in ways that have meaning, that have created a small legacy. We have participated in making the world a better place, we hope.

Looking back from here, we can also see how the world has changed us. It is satisfying, and looking forward is still exciting. We have things to do, changes to shepherd, much to remember, still things to fear for those who come after. On balance, though, we look at a world of promise and challenge, of a future in which we still have time and opportunity to participate. And the most satisfying part of all of this is that we will continue to do it together for as long as we have.

We have done together what neither of us could have (perhaps never would have) done alone, and for that we have been wonderfully rewarded. We have a family we look on with love and pleasure, a body of work that has been positive and enduring, friends we would not have found alone, a way of life that we treasure, a place that is our true home, great and beautiful friendships, and the knowledge that we have good life still to live. We have love.

Happy Discovery Day.


  1. Yes! My dearest Love - happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary to the both of you. Your last paragraph says it all. Truly a remarkable accomplishment.